About Legis and Partners

LEGIS and Partners Ltd is a Law Firm (as defined under the Law Practitioners Act 1984) specialising in business law and taxation.

We operate in Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean region and in Africa, across all sectors of activity.

Specialists in cross-border operations and complex contracts, our team is used to fulfilling the expectations of international clients by providing assistance for their implementation and restructuring projects.

LEGIS is a human-sized firm which comprises of legal experts, among which barristers and paralegals, all bilingual, made up of mixed educational backgrounds (France, United Kingdom, or Mauritius) with perfect mastery of the local context, as well as of that in Madagascar due to our partnership with LEXEL Juridique et fiscal the leading business law consulting firm in Madagascar.

Accessible and close to our clients, we develop tailor-made solutions with a pragmatic approach and a sound knowledge of the business world.


We support you in your strategic thinking and decision making in order to anticipate challenges and build sustainable and pragmatic solutions in response to your needs.


Your advice is essential to the decision making process. We engage with you on a daily basis to better understand the realities of your business and your challenges.


The implementation of your projects requires the intervention of experts. We mobilize the necessary talents and apply the utmost rigor to advise you and develop your projects.