Managing well...

For many years, at LEGIS, our partners and associates have been dedicated to assisting our foreign clients in their understanding of Mauritian tax rules, to analyse the implications of the domiciliation in Mauritius, as well as preparing the required tax returns.

Thanks to our in-depth expertise and in-depth knowledge of the Mauritian tax system, we are able to provide personalised advice and solutions tailored to each client. Whether you’re a business or an individual, we’re here to guide you through the complexities of tax, enabling you to make informed decisions and maximise your tax benefits.

Rely on LEGIS for all your tax needs in Mauritius. We’re here to support you every step of the way and give you peace of mind about your tax affairs.

Company taxation

When structuring transactions, LEGIS can help with :

  • inform foreign investors about local tax rules (domestic and global status) and about emerging sectors that benefit from tax incentive schemes,
  • carry out comparative tax analyses, which take into account local and international regulations (such as the OECD on tax base erosion and profit shifting), all in collaboration with the tax advisers of the investor’s home country and/or the client’s tax team,
  • carrying out tax audit for company takeovers or equity investments in Mauritian entities.

On a day-to-day basis, LEGIS advises subsidiaries and branches of foreign groups on:

  • preparing the tax and social security returns required in Mauritius (corporation tax, VAT, social security contributions),
  • relations with the Mauritian tax authorities in the event of a VAT or tax refund claim, tax audit or tax reassessment;
  • payroll management for expatriate staff, calculation of withholding tax and submission of their tax returns;

Personal taxation

LEGIS intervenes at the request of foreigners who have established their tax residence in Mauritius for:

  • inform them of their tax obligations, taking into account any applicable double taxation agreements;
  • register them with the Mauritian tax authorities,
  • help them complete their tax returns, depending on the origin and nature of their income,
  • request proof of tax residence;