Simplify your procedures

LEGIS provides advice on permits and authorizations required for the development of business activities and projects in Mauritius, and assists people who want to settle in Mauritius or invest in Mauritius on:

  • work permits or residence permits provided to foreigners by the Economic Development Board (ex Board of Investment) and the Passport & Immigration Office, occupation permits, investment permits, self-employed permits, spouse permits, permanent residence permits, permits for retired persons as well as permits for the importation of pets,
  • IRS/RES/HIS/PDS/ smart cities certificates,
  • authorizations issued by the EDB to foreigners upon the purchase or resale of IRS/RES/PDS villas, senior residences, or real estate or immovable property aimed at industrial or commercial use,
  • authorizations from the Prime Minister’s Office (purchase of immovable property and/or of shares in companies holding immovable property assets, applications for citizenship),
  • EIA Licences (Environment Impact Assessment) with the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, construction permits (Building and Land Use Permits- BLUP), authorization from various governmental entities in collaboration with consultants in the relevant fields,
  • licences issued by the Tourism Authority, including permits for pleasure crafts (boats, ships), tourist residence (hotels, motels, apartments), or restaurants,
  • registration of Construction Professionals with the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB).

LEGIS provides advice on the applicable regulations/procedures, prepares the application file, liaises with the relevant governmental entities and authorities to follow up the application from start to completion.