Down to the smallest detail...

LEGIS has specialized, over the course of many years, in negotiating, drafting and reviewing different types of commercial contracts.

LEGIS offers valuable advice to Mauritian companies as well as foreign companies and their decision-making bodies (shareholders, company directors, board of directors) based on its expertise, and knowledge of the local market

LEGIS finds and implements solutions adapted to every step of the project, from its initial conception to finish, including, if necessary, negotiation of any out-of-court settlements in the event of disputes on the interpretation or execution of contracts.

LEGIS regularly provides the following services :

  • the review, negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts (short-term and long-term lease agreements, agency agreements, distribution agreements, concession contracts, service agreements, contracts of sales, general terms and conditions of sales and purchase agreements, franchise agreements, FIDIC contracts, turnkey contracts, subcontracting contracts, assignment of receivables agreements, escrow contracts, etc. ),
  • the review of documentation to obtain banking facilities and assistance in negotiating favourable terms for the client,
  • advice on the creation/ enforceability of security (sureties, guarantees, pledges, liens, fixed and floating charges, etc.),
  • the drafting of pre-contractual agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-disclosure agreements, termination agreements,
  • advice on alternative dispute resolution solutions (mediation, conciliation, arbitration).